Welcome back to another great episode of All About Your Mindset! Today we discuss gratitude. We all have something we can be grateful for no matter how hard time might be. I'm grateful that Kate Oppenheimer was on the show today. She gives us some excellent advice on how we can look at a seemingly bad situation and find something to be grateful for out of it. Kate is a business and leadership coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with business owners and leaders of teams to take their productivity and brand to the next level. Her specialty is Culture Transformation: She brings renewed energy, vision, and enthusiasm to the workplace, inspiring teams to achieve new levels of greatness.

Make sure to stick around for her 3 action steps to start cultivating gratitude in your life. 


You can find her at https://www.theoppenheimergroup.com/ or by email at CoachWithKate@gmail.com


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